Protect our marine life – no Shark nets for NSW

Sharks are a reality along the NSW coast and for those who love the ocean and beach lifestyle, we live with that reality every day. The marine life that comes with healthy oceans is one of the reasons we love the coast.

The Greens recognise the immense personal and community impact of shark bites and our hearts go out to those impacted by shark bites. However, sharks are important for the health of our oceans and when we go into the ocean; we are going into their home.

Shark nets don’t work

The existing sharks nets provide a false sense of security to water users. Currently there are 51 shark nets on beaches between Newcastle and Wollongong. These nets are not a barrier and sharks can swim over and around them. There have also been bites at many of these netted beaches. Most sharks caught in the nets are caught on the beach side as they are heading out to sea.

Shark nets kill

Dolphins, Stingrays, Whales, Sea Turtles and non-target Sharks all get caught in shark nets. Any plan to put shark nets on our coast will result in the deaths of hundreds of other marine species – its a form of culling program.

Shark culls aren’t the solution

The Greens support a non-lethal, science based approach to reducing the risk of shark bites while protecting our marine life. That means a suit of measures that resource the local community through observer programs like Shark Watch, tagging and monitoring programs, and personal deterrent devices.


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I support non-lethal, science based and community driven approaches to reducing the risk of shark bites in NSW.

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