People before Pokies

Each year in NSW our community loses billions of dollars to poker machines. The harm these machines inflict isn’t just financial – they cause real pain for people, families and the broader the community.

Find out how much pokies in clubs are ripping out of your local community here
Find out how much pokies in hotels are ripping out of your local community here
The total financial losses in your area will be 10% of annual turnover from poker machines.

NSW has the worst pokies problem in Australia, with more than half the 200,000 machines located in our state. Pokies are everywhere, in every local pub and club.

The clubs and pubs industry is extremely powerful but we can’t let this lobby group call the shots when it comes to protecting communities from this nasty trade.

Only a few legislative changes will help save lives and protect some of the most vulnerable communities. Will you help?

The $5.4 billion Problem

Poker machines are built for addiction

Poker machines are not a game, they are machines designed for addiction. They are designed to keep users in a calm state and ensure the machines lights, music and designs suggest gamblers are winning even as they lose.

New data on NSW community losses

Data on poker machine operation in NSW is not transparent and accessible. For the first time, the Greens have purchased data on community losses on poker machine in clubs that can be compared by local government area. There are communities losing millions, and even billions in the worst cases, to poler machines.
Find out how much money is being stripped by pokies in your local community

Your right to know

It’s outrageous that in NSW the community can only access crucial information on poker machine losses in their area through purchasing Government reports at a cost of up to $300 each.
In other states, information on local impacts are made public, online for free, including venue-by-venue figures. This information is vital for community debate and response to the extensive social and financial harm caused by poker machine addiction.

NSW have the highest number of poker machines of any state in Australia – almost 10% of all machines in the world are right here in this state. The Government continues to suck in billions from gambling taxes, mostly from people who can least afford it and often from people who are addicted to poker machines.

-- Justin Field MP

Our commitment to People before Pokies

The Greens will purchase data on community losses on poker machines that can be compared by local government area. We’ll pay for the data, analyse and release this information in the public interest. Communities need this data to understand the impacts on their local area and fight back.

Demand greater transparency from Government

The Greens call on the NSW Government to release venue-by-venue statistics on gambling machine operations on a monthly basis. We will also move legislation this year to increase transparency and require venue-by-venue statistics to be reported. The community deserves good, local data so it can understand the full extent of the problem they’re facing.


Demand transparency of the gambling industry

NSW has the highest amount of poker machines in Australia – and second highest number in the world – yet the industry has almost no transparency when it comes to giving local communities the facts about the number of machines they have to deal with or the amount of revenue raised. This has to change.

Sign the petition for People before Pokies today.

Petition to the NSW Parliament To the Honourable Speaker and Members of the Legislative Council of NSW.
This petition brings to the attention of the Legislative Council that:
● Pokies are the leading cause of gambling-related harm, with 75% of all gambling addictions attributed to pokies; and
● Poker machines are currently being reviewed for being in breach of Australian Consumer Law.

Put People before Pokies in New South Wales
The undersigned petitioners therefore ask the Legislative Council of NSW to:
1. Increase transparency of the gambling industry to require venue-by-venue reporting of community losses to poker machines
2. Implement laws and policies to reduce the number ofpokies in NSW, particularly in clubs and pubs.
3. Implement genuine harm minimisation strategies like $1 bet limits.